Learn Piano from a pro!

Rick Ferguson,  pianist

Rick Ferguson, pianist


I coach motivated students of all ages and skill levels in piano and chamber music via Skype.



You choose a piece of music to explore with me. It could be a Bach invention, a Beethoven sonata, a Chopin etude, a Joplin rag, a Debussy prelude, a piece using extended techniques, or any musical composition you’d like, even your own music!


Fill out this form indicating your chosen musical piece, skill level, and day/time you’d like to schedule your call. For a limited time, this lesson is free! No need to fill in the payment section through May, 2019. Just click on this Mini Lesson:



I'll study the history of your piece (no matter how grand or modest) and know it from the inside out before we work together. My unique blend of musical, technical, and historical knowledge, along with 35 years of teaching experience, supports you along your journey.


On the day of our call, make sure you have Skype on your device (click here to download Skype). Set up your mobile device near your piano, and click on the Skype logo below so we can connect and go over your composition together. Click the Skype logo below to call Rick: